• Entry fee includes prize money, food and drink.
  • Start time is 6:00 am Saturday, April 22, 2017
  • Weigh time is 2:00pm at Landisville Gun Club, Estell Manor, NJ.
  • First place $1000, Second place $500, Third place $250. Lunker prize will be based on number of entries.
  • FIVE (5) heaviest fish per boat.
  • One (1) of your FIVE (5) heaviest perch will be weighed for Lunker pool.
  • Fishing is allowed state wide (New Jersey).
  • Fish Fry will follow with food and refreshments.
  • T- shirts will be available for purchase.
  • Any questions? Please feel free to call Dave (609) 404-0581 or Stan (856) 364-6812 or email us at Landgunclub@gmail.com
  • Anglers are accountable for their own actions when dealing with weather conditions, seamanship, sportsmanship, and general safety.  Landisville Gun Club will not be held responsible.
  • Captains meeting will be held at Landisville Gun Club (corner of Cape May Ave. and Fourth Ave in Estell Manor) on Friday April 21st at 6 pm to 9 pm All registration forms and money must be turned in before the end of the meeting.

* Club reserves the right to disqualify any fish entry deemed ineligible or any        angler for unsportsmanlike conduct.  There will be no refund of registration      fee.

Landisville Gunning Club


Rules and Regulations